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AARP Consumer Protection How To Choose a Good Place To Retire
Frauds, scams and common mistakes are something you can avoid if you have the right information. Protect yourself and your loved ones with important information about all the latest scams out there. When you retire, it’s important to choose a place where your money goes far, the neighborhood is walkable and you have lots of cultural activities to pursue. Click through for tips on choosing a good place to retire.
4 Technologies for Seniors Living Alone Where Should You Retire?
If you’re a senior living alone, make sure you have these technologies in your home. Modern technology can make you safe and comfortable, if you know how to take advantage of it. Click through for an intro to the basics. Are you thinking about moving after you retire? If so, you’ll have to consider a few things that you probably didn’t think about during previous moves. Click through for your guide to thinking through a post-retirement move.
5 Signs It’s Time To Move To An Adult Community Tax Breaks for Older Couples Who Sell Their Homes
A 55+ community isn’t right for everyone. But if you’ve reached certain milestones in your life, one may be right for you. Click through to see five signs pointing you in that direction. Homes often appreciate, especially when you’ve been living in them a long time. This is good but can create tax problems. Click through for tips on the tax situations impacting homes, to make sure you manage your home sale situation correctly.
Features That Help You Age In Place In Your Adult Community Home
When we move into a 55+ plus community, most of us plan to age in place. Click through to see some of the home features that can help you remain in your new home as long as possible.