Below are just a few links to health-related sites.


Center for Disease Control National Library of Medicine
Provides information on Health Topics, Traveler’s Health, Publications, and more. Access to a variety of databases, maintained by the National Library of Medicine, such as MEDLINE, AIDLINE AND HEALTHSTAR.
Dept. of Health & Human Services My Health Finder
Link to the US Department of Health & Human Services. Government link to dependable consumer health information.
Web MD
Contains information to help others understand the complexity of the healthcare system and research questions they have about medical problems.



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10 Foods for Beautiful Skin Create a Breakfast Nook
Healthy skin starts in the kitchen, so, in addition to your normal skin care routine, eat healthy foods for radiant skin. Click through for 10 foods that will help you glow from the inside out. Do you have space in your kitchen for a cozy eat-in area? If so, creating a breakfast nook can be a great idea because it makes for a lovely spot to enjoy your morning coffee or share a small meal with someone you love. Click through to learn how to put together a breakfast nook.
4 Landscaping Tips for Allergy Sufferers Create a Yoga and Meditation Sanctuary
One of the most beautiful times of the year is upon you but you can barely stand to be outdoors because of allergies. Suffer no more. Click through to enjoy the great outdoors with these 4 landscaping tips for allergy sufferers. Meditation and yoga are growing trends in the U.S., and so are dedicated in-home studios where homeowners can deepen their practice. Click through to see how to make the perfect sanctuary.
5 Strategies for Always Having Healthy Food Around De-stressing After Work! 13 Tips to Help You Unwind
Most people want to cook healthy, nutritious meals, but fitting in prep time during a work week can be a challenge. Click through for five strategies to maintain a constant flow of healthy foods in your home. When you get home from work, does it take several hours for you to unwind? If you are having trouble sleeping or getting up in the morning, it could be stress related. Click through for 13 tips to help you de-stress after work.
6 Foods that Help Boost Your Metabolism Houseplants to Create Serenity
Most people want to lose weight, build muscle or lead an otherwise healthy lifestyle. Click through for six tasty foods that can help boost your metabolism and fast track your fitness goals. Plants in the home can provide a sense of calm and also add to your personal style — used correctly, they can become an integral part of your decorating scheme. Click through to learn about the best houseplants to maintain at home.
6 Natural Remedies to Stave off Mosquito Bites! How to Meditate: Steps for Beginners
Trying to keep the mosquitos off this summer? Check out these natural strategies for keeping mosquitos out. Click through to learn how you can avoid being eaten alive this season. Curious about the art of meditation? Perhaps you’ve heard of its great benefits. Click through to learn about this ancient practice and how you can get on the bandwagon.
7 Benefits of Adding Lemon Water to Your Routine Should You Go Grain-Free?
Drinking water in the morning has long-term health benefits, but adding a splash of lemon to your water can drastically improve your health. Click through to learn seven benefits of lemon water. Eliminating grain from your diet is a huge step, cutting out several foods that are staples in most Americans’ diets. Click through to learn if a grain-free diet is right for you.
8 Tips for Staying Healthy, Even When You’re Eating Out Sweet Dreams: Design for Better Sleep
Whether it’s fast food or a sit-down restaurant, unhealthy choices are everywhere and tempting when you are trying to eat healthily. Click through for eight tips to stay healthy even in the face of fast food and restaurants. Sleep can often be elusive. With all the stress in our lives, it’s not difficult to see how rest is challenging for many. But how do you make your bedroom comfortable for a good night’s sleep? Click through to see how to design for better sleep.
Consider a Design for Self-Care
Self-care is just not about taking long, soothing bubble baths or tucking in with a good book. Self-care is about maintaining your physical and mental health and wellness. Click through to see how you can design your home for optimal self-care.