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10 Significant Home Security Mistakes How To De-Ice a Sidewalk
Sometimes, we take home security for granted, and often until it is too late. Now is the time to think about keeping yourself and your home safe. Click through for some commonsense solutions to ensure that sure you won’t become a victim. Icy sidewalks are more than a nuisance; they cause injuries and leave homeowners vulnerable to slip-and-fall lawsuits. Click through to learn how to melt ice on a sidewalk to keep your neighbors, your pets and your wallet safe.
15 Tips to Ensure the Safety and Security of Your Home Property Appeal: What Makes a Home Safe?
Do you want to keep yourself and your family safe? It can be as easy as following common sense and taking a few simple precautions. Click through for a list of ways to keep yourself safe from crime and other home disasters. Location. Layout. Landscaping. A host of home features affect a property’s appeal. One quality that tops many “must-have” lists is safety. What should buyers look for if they want a home that offers the best safety possible for themselves and their families?
6 Tips for Safe Summer Travel Protect Your Valuables by Compiling a Household Inventory
As the summer months approach and vacations are being planned it is important to remember to be safe when traveling. Click through for 6 summer travel tips to keep you safe this season. Have you counted your silverware lately? Cataloged your coin collection? Inventoried your attic treasures? Click through to learn how to protect your valuables by compiling a comprehensive household inventory of your most prized possessions.
Create a Home Inventory with Excel Protecting Your Home While You Travel
By using a free Excel template, you can keep track of all your home’s valuables. Click through to learn how to easily create a home inventory for insurance purposes. Traveling is a fantastic experience, but what can you do to ensure your home is safe while you are away? Click through to learn more about protecting your home while you travel.
Home Safety Update: Do You Have Dangerous Products In Your Home? Take the Extra Step: 12 Ways to Protect Your Home from Burglars
Did you buy a garage door opener, weed whacker, or ottoman recalled by The Consumer Product Safety Commission? Click through to get you the details on these recalls plus others for products used in your home and yard. The Share This link is an easy way to get the word out to others who may unknowingly have these dangerous products in their homes. There are some surprisingly easy ways to keep burglars from breaking into your home. The trick is to be proactive about home security. Click through for some ideas about protecting your home and your valuables.
Home Safety While You’re Traveling Tornados Are A Wake-Up Call: Prepare For All Disasters With A Home Inventory
Are you heading out on vacation? Do you have concerns about your home security while you’re away? Fortunately, some simple solutions can give you peace of mind. Click through to learn the latest on safety at home while you’re not there. With the recent Mississippi tornadoes fresh on our minds, now is the time to prepare for ALL disasters. You may have seen the coverage of the Mississippi disasters and homeowners asking: “Where do I start?” Click through for tips on how to create a home inventory, so you’ll be able to restart quickly after any small or large disaster.
Home Security of the Future Using Pictures To Create A Home Inventory
If you have a smart device in your home, like Google Home or Amazon Echo, you know that the future is already here. But how can these things, and others like them, make your home safer? Click through to learn about the technology you can use for home security. If your home was destroyed by a fire or robbed, would you be able to recall all the items that were once inside? Click through for tips on creating a photo inventory of your possessions.
How to Childproof Your House Welcome to Security Systems 101
While it may seem like only yesterday that  you  welcomed your newborn into your home. It won’t be long before they are crawling, walking, and exploring on their own. Click through for ideas on how to help keep your youngest family member safe at home. Are you interested in having greater peace of mind at home? Why not consider protecting your house and everyone in it with the help of a security system? Security systems have come a long way with all the technological advancements. Click through to learn about today’s security system options to help you decide what’s best for you.