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Springtime Garden Maintenance Can You Winterize a Garden?
After a long winter and spring has finally arrived, it’s time to take another look at preparing your garden for the warmer months ahead. What are the best next steps to take? Click through to read more about springtime garden maintenance for your home. Just because you live in a place with cold winters doesn’t mean you can’t plant perennials. It just means you need to take a few precautions before the first hard frost. Click through to learn how to winterize your outdoor plants.
5 Low Maintenance Houseplants for the Forgetful Create Your Own Sustainable Garden
Looking for options for the optional gardener? Click through for five low-to-no maintenance houseplants that you should consider. Turn a green lawn into a garden full of edible plants. Click through to learn about the new trend for sustainable gardens instead of yards.
5 Small Space Garden Ideas for the Weekend Warrior Creating an Indoor Garden With Houseplants
Just because you live in a crowded metropolis doesn’t mean that you can’t grow your own garden and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. Click through to learn how to plant a terrific garden in the tightest of spaces. Do you want to bring the outdoors inside? Whether you have a dedicated solarium or just a few plants around the house, houseplants are a great addition to your home. Click through to learn more about your indoor garden.
5 Ways to Fake a Green Thumb This Spring Easiest Plants for Maximum Curb Appeal
Want beautiful flowers and vegetables in your garden this spring, but don’t know if your horticulture skills matches your vision? Click through to learn how to show off your almost green thumb this spring! Do you want to improve the look of the front of your home? Curb appeal is an important aspect of your home’s value. How can you choose plants to enhance your home’s look? Click through to learn about plants that will work for your landscaping.
6 Steps to Creating a Fabulous Raised Garden Gardening Tips for Someone Without a Green Thumb
Like the look of those well-designed raised gardens? Click through for some steps for creating your very own raised garden. For a lot of people, gardening is easier said than done. How can you improve your landscaping when plant care isn’t your strong suit? Click through for gardening tips when you don’t have a green thumb.
6 Tips for Protecting Your Plants from the Cold Planting Bulbs: What’s the Right Time?
Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your garden. Click through for 6 tips that will prevent your plants from dying this winter. It depends on where you live and what flowers you’re planning, but with fall on the horizon, you might want to think about next year’s flowers. Click through to learn how to plant bulbs for the spring.
7 Water-Friendly Plants to Keep Your Summer Water Usage Down Spring Planting Guide
Gardening doesn’t have to run up your water bill. Click through for 7 water-friendly flowers to plant in the summertime. Now that the ground isn’t frozen, it’s time to do some planting. Spring brings the promise of new flowers and is a great time to add a little color to your landscape. What annuals should you plant this spring? Click through for a few ideas.
Best Blooms for Winter Tips For a Good Garden
It can be difficult to keep up with landscaping in the winter, but we’ve got the gardening tips that can keep your garden in full bloom all year long. Click through to learn what plants grow best in cold months. Gardening is an art form, and if you’re just getting started as a gardener, it’s important that you learn about the best tips for a good garden. Click through to read a handful of tips that will help you put together an impressive garden.
Bring Spring Flowers Indoors Vegetable Garden Basics
The end of winter can be a challenging time for many people who want the cold to be over and can’t wait for the spring. How do you make your home feel more vibrant as you wait for the change of season? Click through to learn what spring flowers you can have indoors. Gardening is an enjoyable hobby to get into, but it can be hard to start gardening if you don’t know where to begin. Click through to learn how to start a vegetable garden as a beginner.
Bring the Outdoors Indoors with Plants and Natural Decor
Nature is relaxing. But it’s not always feasible to be outdoors. Can you bring the outdoors in using plants and natural décor? Click through to learn how to decorate with natural materials to create an outdoor feel inside.