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Inventory for Disaster Preparation What to Do After Your Basement Floods
It’s the time of year when weather disasters are most likely to strike. You can help yourself be prepared by creating an inventory list. Click through for a lesson on how to create an inventory, so you’ll be able to restart quickly after a disaster. Waking up to a flooded basement is never ideal. But basement floods can happen for a number of reasons, including heavy rains and natural disasters as well as plumbing malfunctions. Click through to see what to do in the aftermath of a flood that takes place in your basement.
Long-Term Advantages of Home Ownership What to Do When a Neighbor’s Tree Falls on Your Property
A home is a place to live, but it can also be an important part of your estate plan. First, consider all the tax breaks you can get. Click through for a dive into the financial aspects of home ownership to help you make long-term plans. What do you do when your neighbor’s tree has fallen in your yard? How you react will either make or break the peace. Click through for instructions on what to do next.
The 3 Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make When Preparing Their Homes for Spring Your Home’s Equity: Why It Matters
Most people know to clean the gutters and paint the deck in preparation for spring, but what are the mistakes that homeowners make? Click through for three mistakes that you can avoid when preparing your home for spring this year. When listing the benefits of owning a home, housing experts inevitably cite your ability to build equity. That raises the question: What is equity and why does it matter to homeowners? Click through to see why equity has long-term implications for your financial health.
What To Do After Hail Damage
Has your area recently been hit hard by a massive hailstorm? The question of what to do next can be a complicated one. If you have questions about hail damage to your roof, click through to check out the next steps.