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What Are Your Home Heating Options? The Heat Is On: All About New Furnaces
Whether you’re looking to purchase a heating system for your new home or you need to replace an outdated home heating system, familiarizing yourself with your home heating options is the first step. Click through to learn about the most popular types of home heating systems and how to choose the right one for you. Has your furnace become inefficient or worn out? Or maybe it simply isn’t working as it should be? Now is a great time to replace your furnace because you may be eligible for a tax break. Click through for the latest on a new furnace.
How To Retrofit a Dishwasher What Style of Refrigerator Is Right for You?
Do you have a prewar-era home that you love, but whose kitchen is missing some modern conveniences? Old homes generally don’t have dishwashers, but that’s nothing that can’t be fixed. Click through to learn how to remove a cabinet and retrofit a dishwasher. Not long ago, the vast majority of new fridges had the same configuration, with the freezer on top and fresh food below. So why do new fridges come in so many styles, and which one is right for you? Click through for our refrigerator buying guide.